“I’ve been using Amsoil Since 1996 And I Have Yet To See Any Other Lubricant Manufacturer Come Close To The Overall Performance Of Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants”

Do you want your vehicles and equipment to last longer? Do you want to save $$$ on all your oil changes? How about saving even more $$$ at the gas pump? I personally save $200-$225/year on every vehicle I maintain.

My training, education and mechanical experience gives me an advantage in the field of lubrication. I don’t expect to convince every single person that comes to my website to immediately buy in.

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The fact is, Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants are clearly the most dominate lubrication products on the market today. I will, however, encourage you to do just what I did back in 1996 and that is to just start testing our products. The first test I did was just a simple MPG test. Calculate your MPG now then switch over to Amsoil and compare the results. If you happen to own any 2-cycle equipment you should test one of our many 2-cycle products. There are dozens of different tests you can try on your own or just give us a call and we can discuss your options.

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