About Steve Tarini Amsoil Independent Distributor

An Amsoil Dealer since 1996 our Dealership is the largest in central Ohio. There are just a handful of dealers across the entire United States that have completed the Amsoil University Certified Technical School. Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific application(s). Additional information about our dealership is listed below.

  • Extensive experience in all aspects of lubrication
  • Successfully completed the Amsoil University T-1,2,3 and 4
  • Completed Amsoil’s Industrial School
  • Completed hundreds of oil samples and analysis
  • Additional training in Oil By-Pass Filtration Units
  • Authorized Amsoil Dealer since 1996

When some people register with Amsoil they have no idea who their Amsoil Dealer is. Don’t make that mistake. You may never have to ask your Amsoil Dealer a question, but chances are you will at some point. A background and a good knowledge of lubricating fundamentals is important, but having experience in multiple applications also holds equal value.

Our Dealership also serves major companies in and around Ohio in several different fields. We have certified Amsoil distribution centers in Ohio. We can offer you assistance whether you own a large company or just want to use Amsoil in your own personal vehicles. Amsoil is our business and we promise to give your business the same attention to detail as we do ours.

Background and Credentials:

  • Degree in Aviation Maintenance-Maintained a Fleet of Aircraft that exclusively used Synthetic Oil
  • Extensive Automotive and Light Truck Maintenance-30 plus years of mechanical experience
  • Former Off-Road Competitor (Motocross, Enduros and Hare Scrambles) as a Factory Husqvarna Mechanic and Rider
  • Certified in Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Specializing in setting up your own Amsoil Dealership for your retail business
  • Certified to service Government Contracts including municipalities, police and fire equipment, universities, local and federal agencies
  • Assist new Amsoil Dealers in getting their Amsoil business up and running.

Available for consultation by appointment, just contact our office for further details: 800-797-4550 or send us an e-mail for fastest response: Steve@HighTechSyntheticOil.com