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Steve Tarini • Amsoil Lubricants Distributor

There are several ways I can demonstrate Amsoil income opportunities, but I’m only going to mention the ones I do. I feel the route I’ve taken has the most income potential with the least amount of work. First and foremost I do almost zero wholesale to retail selling, however depending on your personal situation it might be something to consider. I find it involves way too much time especially if you’re trying to juggle your own inventory. Speaking of inventory, I do not have one. That’s an investment decision you have to make, but Amsoil does not require that you do. My main source of income comes from commissions that I earn off the total volume of products I move in a given month to several different accounts that I have established.

What option best fits your situation below?

Four Proven Ways To Generate Income

I have four areas where my volume comes from. The first is registering Preferred Customers. What is a PC? It works exactly the way Sam’s club does and nothing more. It’s $20/yr. and gives someone the ability to purchase Amsoil at a 20-25% discount just like Sam’s club. I register my PC’s by phone directly with Amsoil Corp and it takes about four minutes. Some people prefer to register online so I just direct them to my website to register. BTW most PC’s are going to be your DIY’s, backyard mechanics and your motorcycle enthusiast.

The second area I focus on is the Retail-on-the-Shelf accounts I have set-up. Per Amsoil’s rules these are businesses that operates with a legitimate store front that resells lubrication products to the public. Anything from small automotive repair shops, lawn equipment, motorcycle shops, diesel repair shops etc. These types of businesses generate nice commissions and they are perfect for referring your friends and neighbors to if they don’t or can’t perform routine maintenance on their own personal equipment.

Amsoil is the perfect home based business that can generate a nice $1000-$3000/month in Residual Income.

Probably the more lucrative accounts to acquire would be commercial accounts. These accounts can range from a small landscape business to large earth moving equipment. The only restrictions are they are not permitted to resell any Amsoil products. Unlike the Preferred Customer program that cost $20.00/yr. Commercial and Retail accounts have no such fees. I still have several commercial accounts that I opened up in the late ’90’s. This is one option, if you are really serious about starting a business, you should look at this program.

The last area I generate income from is helping other people that want to become Amsoil Dealers. Amsoil is the perfect home based business that can generate a nice $1,000-$3,000/month in Residual Income. The best part about having an Amsoil business is I have no inventory requirements, I do not ship or deliver products, I do not invoice my accounts nor do I collect on them. Also, all of my accounts place their own orders. Amsoil Corp handles the shipping details and all the administrative billing issues.

The Key Factor To Capitalize On

It has been said that 95% of the population hates to sell and would never choose to go down that path as a career choice. Well if you really want an Amsoil business you have to be prepared because there is some selling that needs to be done. In my life I never had any employment in the area of sales. My working life included pouring concrete, restaurant, motorcycle distribution and law enforcement. Fortunately for me I had a very good Amsoil sponsor who by chance spent most of his career in sales and once I understood some of nuances of selling and I understood the product line it became pretty easy from there.

That key factor was complete knowledge of the entire product line and their applications.

After calling on several accounts with my Amsoil sponsor and letting him do all the talking, it became very clear what the key factor was. That key factor was complete knowledge of the entire product line and their applications. Although I did not have any fear of selling my ability to get more accounts grew the more I learned about the products. The more accounts I got the more credibility I earned. Doing the Amsoil business just got easier and easier because I had more examples to demonstrate from all the accounts I had.

What I’m Looking For

I will never acknowledge that the Amsoil business is easy or will I state massive income potential. I will say this though, my first commission check was for $2.87 and I thought I worked my butt off for that. The bottom line is after putting in consistent effort I own a very legitimate business that no one can take from me. I did all this while working 50+ hours/wk. in Law Enforcement and raising two children. Yes, Amsoil has potential for full-time income as my direct sponsor is full-time Amsoil and has been for nearly 25 years, but lets be realistic. What I’m looking for are individuals that truly want a business making $1,000-$3,000/month. It cost $49.95 to become an Amsoil Dealer and $40.00 annually to maintain your dealership. Where can you go and start a bonafide business for $50 bucks?

There are plenty of Amsoil income opportunities to explore so here are my best suggestions to get started. Purchase the Amsoil Dealer Kit and go through it. This way you get the wholesale pricing and possibly earn a small commission on your own purchases. Start testing a few products and monitor your results. We can then schedule a time to meet and dive a little deeper into the Amsoil business based on your questions. Be advised there is a section on the dealer application that wants a routing and account number so they can automatically deposit your commission check since they no longer mail live checks to you. If you are not ready to give that information up simply choose the option to have them put your commissions on a VISA card and you can receive your commissions that way until you’re ready for direct deposit.

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