Amsoil-Price vs. Cost

Amsoil Offer 75% Better Protection For Your EngineRemember you do have a choice of purchasing all of Amsoil’s products at 25% below retail prices (the prices you see on by becoming a preferred customer, however for this article we will use Amsoil’s full retail prices as you will see you will still save money.

Does a higher priced product always mean something is better? No not necessarily, but in some cases if you do a little homework you will see why one product cost more than another. At full retail Amsoil’s top of the line Signature Series Oils will run you around $10.85/qt., factor in 5 quarts and an Amsoil oil filter (around $15.00) you are looking at an oil change that will run you about $70.00.

Even the next two prominent synthetic oils on the market advertise their product will go 15,000-miles between oil changes where Amsoil will go 25,000-miles. Their oils run every bit of $7.95-$8.95/qt. so in comparison Amsoil isn’t that for off besides Amsoil makes higher quality oil filters, which play a big part too.

I have personally tested the two leading brands of synthetic oil and although neither one gave me any trouble I did notice my truck ran a little smoother and I picked up 2 mpg using Amsoil where I  noticed no change with the top two brands. Amsoil-Price is a non-factor when comparing the overall cost vs. all other brands.

All things considered Amsoil delivers a higher value due to the longer drain interval and the increase in fuel mileage. Another simple comparison would be to consider the tires on your vehicle, we’ve all bought them so imagine if someone was trying to sell you 4 brand new tires that were guaranteed for 30,000-miles and cost $80.00/each. Another higher quality tire cost $120.00 each, however they are guaranteed for 50,000-miles, which ones do you buy? Obviously the choice is simple, you pay just $160.00 more for the higher quality tire, but you get an additional 20,000-miles before you need new tires again.

And this is the reason why cost is more important than price and also why there is an old saying that says “if you have to ask how much then you probably can’t afford it”. When you compare cost instead of price you get a clearer picture of the money you actually save even if something might be “priced” higher then like products on the market.

Make the smart decision and give Amsoil a test run in your vehicle and remember the fuel mileage improvements mentioned were just for switching out your engine oil. Amsoil’s ATF and gear oils will also show an improvement. I have personally achieved fuel mileage gains well above 3.5 mpg after switching out all my lubricants, which equates to 30-35 more miles I get out of every fill up, that adds up over the course of a year. Also, for this article I used Amsoil’s full list price so in reality if you became a wholesale member you are easily saving money on the cost of your oil changes no matter what brand you compare Amsoil to. Please contact me when you are ready to start saving on your preventative maintenance cost at:  800-797-4550.

When you accurately add up the true cost of using Amsoil the price of the product is irrelevant the cost of its useful life is all that matters. You can start using Amsoil at wholesale prices in just 2 clicks: Sign Up Now