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We get this question a lot so I will briefly explain how each one works. If you have done all your research and are committed to running Amsoil in all your vehicles then registering as a preferred customer will save you a lot of money. It will also give you access to all our warehouses saving you shipping costs on all your orders.

If however there is just one or two products you want to test then paying retail for purchases under $12-$15 might be a smarter choice. Still undecided? You can contact our office…

What option best fits your situation below?

…and we can arrange a wholesale purchase for you until you decide to open up your own account.

Switching Your Vehicle Over to Amsoil

The first obstacle some people run across is where to have their vehicle serviced. It is a known fact the national quick lube chains will not install customer bought oil. Don’t worry about this as we have learned over the last 20+ years that most independent garages and even car dealerships will install Amsoil for a nominal fee. The last time I checked even Walmart has a nationwide policy that they will install your Amsoil for you.

I always encourage people on their first order to grab one extra quart in the event there is some slight consumption during the longer drain interval. Typically you will not be experiencing this if you are converting over on the very first oil change of a new vehicle. Some older vehicles with high mileage may experience some consumption until the Amsoil has had time to clean out your engine.

We are available to answer any of your questions about the Amsoil product line. If you are ready to start saving now see what Amsoil has to offer by watching this short video. Also, if you prefer using email for technical questions contact me at: Or call 800-797-4550.

If you are serious about owning your own business lets talk. I can share the strategies I used to build my business.

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