Amsoil Synthetic ATF Transmission Fluid

Bottle Of Amsoil Synthetic ATF Transmission FluidAmsoil Synthetic ATF is really the unsung hero of all their synthetic lubricants. Why? It delivers a dramatic increase in performance especially when it comes to reducing heat and increasing your fuel mileage. Speaking of heat it’s common knowledge that excessive heat is the #1 reasons why transmissions need repaired or replaced. This can all be prevented by installing Amsoil Synthetic ATF, which in most cases will reduce operating temperatures 30-40 degrees.

Most people will own several cars and never have their transmissions oil changed as they just don’t like messing around with it. Thankfully most automobile manufacturer’s are factory filling transmissions with more robust synthetic lubricants. If automakers are switching to full synthetics why aren’t you?

In most cases if your car came with a conventional fluid it will probably need servicing between 35,000-50,000 miles. This would be a good time to switch over to Amsoil Synthetic ATF. Your transmission will run30-40 degrees cooler prolonging its life. It is also possible to double your service interval using Amsoil synthetic ATF.

If you tow heavy equipment then using Amsoil synthetic ATF is almost a necessity. Nobody wants to drop 5K on a new transmission, Amsoil synthetic ATF is your best choice. Amsoil covers nearly all automotive and light truck specs including CVT’s. If you have specific questions about any of our transmission products you can drop me a line on my personal email at: Or you can reach me directly at 800-797-4550.

Interested in purchasing Amsoil synthetic ATF? Watch this short video on all the benefits to becoming a preferred customer. Remember this, Amsoil Synthetic ATF solves problems. Cooler running, better fuel mileage and longer life.