Amsoil vs Royal Purple Compared

Bottle of Amsoil’s 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Oil
Amsoil vs Royal Purple

Did you know that the search term Amsoil vs Royal Purple is one of the most searched terms when it comes the topic of synthetic oil on the internet? Have you ever wondered why so many people compare Amsoil to other oils? It appears from pouring over the internet the last decade that Amsoil has gained a tremendous following and rightfully so. Amsoil consistently delivers better results than any other synthetic oil on the market. You can clearly point to Amsoil’s commitment and never taking shortcuts to achieve their #1 status.

I have always said the easiest way to compare synthetic oils is to perform fuel mileage comparisons. It takes nothing more than a calculator and figuring out a 5th grade math problem, not very hard. Why fuel mileage? Simple reason, less intra-fluid friction means all the internal engine parts are having to overcome less resistance to move a vehicle a given distance down the road. Synthetic oil in your engine does provide some resistance to moving parts so it only makes sense that less resistance coupled with a higher mpg means better oil.

How did Amsoil develop such a loyal following? In one word, quality, that about sums it up plain and simple. Amsoil will go head to head with any synthetic oil on the market. Amsoil has never lost a comparison test to date. Once you see your own Amsoil vs Royal Purple results you will see what we mean. If your going to test both products in the same vehicle test the Royal purple first.

So what are you waiting for, get started with Amsoil and see why no one switches back to their old oil once they try Amsoil. Imagine how well all your vehicles will run once you convert your engine, transmission and even your differentials over to Amsoil. How does 3-4 more mpg sound? That’s what most people experience once they commit to Amsoil and see the results for themselves. If you have any questions concerning Amsoil just drop us a line through our contact page we can help get you started. You are also welcome to contact us directly at 800-797-4550 and ask for Steve.

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