Amsoil’s Lowest Pricing

Amsoil’s Lowest Pricing-How It Works

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Understanding Amsoil’s Preferred Customer pricing is simple and straight forward. Amsoil’s lowest pricing for individuals who will use the products for personal use simply sign up as a Preferred Customer. This only has to be done once and only renews after you give Amsoil approval on a yearly basis. The rule of thumb Amsoil likes to use is- if you anticipate using $100.00 or more/year it’s clearly in your advantage to become a Preferred Customer on your first order.* Take a look at the example below and decide for yourself. The chart below shows enough Amsoil Signature Series oil to do two oil changes as there are 12 qts. in one case.

Amsoil at Preferred Customer Pricing

SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
1-Case Oil            $110.10 ($9.18/qt.)
2-Oil Filters         $28.10 ($14.05 ea.)
2-Gas Additive    $21.30 ($10.65 ea.)
PC Registration   $20.00
Total:                   $179.50

Amsoil at Full Retail

SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
1-Case Oil          $152.65 ($12.72/qt.)
2-Oil Filters        $35.90 ($17.95 ea.)
2-Gas Additive   $27.70  ($13.85 ea.)
Total:                  $216.25

As you can see even when you add in the $20.00 yearly Preferred Customer cost you are still only at $179.50, which is a $36.75 savings. For the remainder of the year you will be saving roughly 20% on every order.

*If you purchase the Preferred Customer membership today AND purchase products the pricing will reflect full retail in your cart. Once you checkout the prices for your products will convert to Preferred Customer pricing when you checkout. Amsoil Inc. will not display their wholesale prices on the internet unless you are logged in. You will receive an account number and simple-to-follow instructions on how to login once you become a Preferred Customer.

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