Author: starini

Pennzoil is Lying

Just tell the truth Just like Mobil 1 does in their television commercials Pennzoil isn’t exactly giving you all the facts in their latest TV advertisment. This is the commercial where the spokesperson mentions that “making motor oil from crude oil is just, well crude”.  He then goes on to state that Pennzoil is now […]

Best Synthetic Oil-Proven Again

Amsoil 5W-30 Exceeds Difficult Test   What does it take to be the best oil on the planet? How about taking one of the most difficult test to pass, which is normally scheduled for 100 hours, then voluntarily doubling it to 200 hours….wow checkout these results of the best synthetic oil ever.

Comparing The Top Synthetic Oils

 100% Full-Proof Method To Testing Synthetic Oils   You are about to learn a full-proof method of comparing all the major brands of synthetic oil and determine for yourself which one can really call their synthetic oil the best. First of all lets make clear there are no less than 100,000+ pages on the internet […]