Amsoil Harley Davidson Synthetic Oil

Bottle Of Amsoil Harley Davidson Synthetic OilWhy are Harley owners looking for the best oil for Harley Davidson? Two words; Reduces Heat! Lets face it every motorcyclist knows an air cooled motorcycles run hotter than a water cooled one. A radiator on a car or motorcycle is designed to do one thing, take excessive heat away from your engine for optimal operating temperatures.

Did you know that the oil in your Harley is responsible for keeping your engine running at optimal temperatures? If your Harley-Davidson has no air flowing across the fins of your cylinder(s) then guess what? Your oil starts to literally bake inside your engine.

When you run across a Harley owner that is already using Amsoil and you ask them, “what is the best synthetic oil for Harley” you will always get a huge endorsement for Amsoil. Why? One simple reason, Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil reduces heat up to 40 degrees. You will never get a bad endorsement from a Harley owner who has used Amsoil.

This is a true story from one of my original Harley customers from way back to 2002. His first Harley was just the entry level Sportster, nothing real fancy. Over the course of about 5 or 6 summers he was approaching 80,000-miles so he felt it was time for an engine overhaul or at least take a peak inside.

Once the Harley mechanic was about half-way through inspecting his engine he told my friend that from this point forward he would be throwing away good money if he kept ripping into this engine. There was so little wear it wasn’t worth the time and effort to inspect the rest of the engine.

This is a common experience with Harley owners who use the best synthetic oil for their Harley’s. Amsoil clearly reduces heat better than any other oil petroleum or synthetic. And did you know you can also use the same 20W-50 that runs in your engine in the Primary and Transmission? Another great benefit to using Amsoil in your Harley; no need to ever add a oil cooler.

Is a reduction of 40 degrees in the operating temperature of your Harley worth an investment of $11.90/qt? You bet it is, but did you know your price drops to just $9.20/qt. once you become a Preferred Customer with Amsoil plus if you live in or near one of our 11 warehouses you can save all shipping cost by picking up your orders.  Technical Data Sheet

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