Best Synthetic Oil For Harley

Bottle Of Amsoil Motorcycle Oil Best Synthetic Oil For HarleyThere are probably a million pages on the internet on this very subject matter; what is the best synthetic oil for Harley? I have personally read many blogs, forums and articles and many uneducated, non-experts have made such ludicrous, bizarre statements such as saying “oil is oil and it doesn’t matter what you use”. Well thankfully most of us are a bit smarter than the naysayers out there who for the most part just want to hear themselves talk.

There are a certain percentage of people out there that simply refuse to deviate from what their Harley Dealer tells them to do and of course all Harley Dealers sell their private label Harley-Davidson oil and if you didn’t already know Harley-Davidson makes motorcycles not oil. Harley, like every other motorcycle brand, outsources their private label products to big companies and I can assure you low bidder wins so how good do you really think their oil is? It’s all about profit and I’m sure Harley makes a killing on their private label oil and that’s why they always recommend it.

Did you know there is a Federal Law in place that dictates to manufacturer’s (both automobiles and motorcycles) that they are forbidden to advise you that you must use their private label oil? Yet most of them try their best to sneak that language in when they’re about to service your Harley, don’t be fooled this isn’t allowed and you have the choice to use whatever oil you feel is best.

There are two things you can do yourself to narrow down your choice to what actually is the best oil for Harley. First, you need to invest in an oil fill cap that has a built in thermometer so you can monitor your oil temperatures. After you record various temperatures with your Harley oil in both highway speeds and slow moving/idle speeds its now time to switch over to Amsoil’s 20W-50 motorcycle oil. This simple test is an eye opener and once you switch to Amsoil you will easily see a drop of 30-40 degrees! This is a simple test anyone can do and the results look you square in the face, its no contest Amsoil wins this one.

The second thing you can do is even easier, seek out several Harley-Davidson riders that use Amsoil and ask them to tell you their experience with Amsoil and you will see first hand how devoted these riders are towards their favorite oil. Amsoil’s claim to fame at least with Harley owners is, it kills all the heat issues associate with Harley’s. It isn’t a big secret to Harley owners that use Amsoil that it is the best synthetic oil for Harley. Head on over to our preferred customer page and take advantage of Amsoil’s wholesale pricing and grab this great oil for just $9.20/qt.

Also, check out the specs on Amsoil’s 20W-50 and compare it to the specs of any other oil suitable for Harley-Davidsons.  Technical Data Sheet

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