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Bottle of Amsoil’s 5W-30 Best Fully Synthetic Oil
Best Synthetic Oil

Who makes the best synthetic oil? This question comes up a lot on the internet in all the forums and chat rooms and for the most part you see all the big names mentioned. What really sets one synthetic oil apart from another? If you follow whats being said on the internet it always comes down to whatever that person is using and rarely are there any true head to head comparisons made. To actually come up with a clear cut answer to who makes the best synthetic oil comparison test must be done.

Let’s first squash the question of, which kind of oil should I use; synthetic or conventional petroleum? I think by now most educated consumers are either already using synthetic or are fairly convinced synthetics are the way to go. With longer drain intervals and better engine protection it’s safe to say petroleum will not be around much longer.

The biggest problem right now in the synthetic oil industry is the term “synthetic” has no clear cut definition. Therefore there are several big oil companies out there marketing and selling you what they call a synthetic oil, but in reality all you’re being sold is high priced petroleum oil. How do they get away with this? One reason is they know there oil is “good enough” to get you to your vehicles recommended drain interval. The other reason is there are zero penalties in place for calling petroleum oil synthetic oil in marketing literature and high priced commercials you see on TV.

And here is a quote from an executive from GM I found in another article: “Synthetic doesn’t have a lot of meaning anymore,” concedes Matthew Snider of GM. “A variety of products can be legally marketed as synthetics.” All that the term synthetic means is that Federal Trade Commission deems that the oil has been sufficiently processed and modified to qualify as “synthetic.” The general public is totally unaware of this and are wasting their money on what they think is synthetic oil.

Let’s face it you could take 10 brand new cars exactly the same and install one of the top 10 best selling oils in each one. If you changed the oil every 7,500-miles and run them out to 200,000 miles more than likely you will never experience a catastrophic engine failure so who’s oil is really the best?The biggest asset an oil must have is wear protection plain and simple and is anyone really going to rip apart these 10 cars using 10 different oils and measure the wear that occurred over 200,000 miles? Not likely so now where are we with the question of who makes the best synthetic oil?

Ok here’s my pitch for Amsoil and why I think it is the best synthetic oil. Before 1996 I had approximately 22 years to try to the top selling oils in a variety of vehicles and my conclusion was I never noticed any difference. In 1996 I switched to Amsoil and when I did I followed their recommendation to run a 16 ounce bottle of engine flush through my engine right before installing my Amsoil 5W-30 and a high quality Amsoil oil filter. And for the hell of of it I put a bottle of Amsoil’s fuel system cleaner called PI in my fuel tank. After two full tanks of gas I was shocked my fuel mileage increased by 3.0 mpg!! Now the question is why would I go back to what I was using before? This is where Amsoil separates themselves from all the other synthetic oils on the market.

I’m not telling you Amsoil is the best synthetic oil on the market, but I am telling you its the best synthetic oil I’ve ever used and why would I want to go back to 17 mpg when I get 20 mpg now? I’m also changing my oil once-a-year using Amsoil’s top of the line Signature Series 5W-30. This oil is rated for 1-year or 25,000 miles whichever comes first and currently I average 16,000-20,000/year. Now you can do one of two things, start testing (checking mpg) every synthetic oil out there or just switch to Amsoil now, get better fuel mileage and just one oil change a year. I think the choice is fairly obvious don’t you? Touch base with me through my personal email and I can answer any of your questions for you at:

Some people are hesitant to switch over to Amsoil because they don’t change their own oil. Most independent shops will install oil that you bring to them for a nominal fee, even most nation wide Wal Mart’s will do this too. You can register as an Amsoil wholesale buyer and have products shipped directly to you or save the shipping cost if you live in or near one of our distribution centers, click here to start saving: Buy Amsoil Wholesale