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What Is the Difference Between a Full Synthetic Oil and a Synthetic Blend?

We hope by now we’ve convinced you on the advantages of synthetic oil. A high quality synthetic oil like Amsoil lasts longer than the alternatives, protects your engine better, works at every temperature, and boosts your vehicle’s fuel economy. It’s even better for the environment. You might think that you can use a synthetic blend […]

7 Reasons Why You should Switch to Amsoil Synthetic Oil for Your Car

What if we told you that making a single change to your car maintenance routine could make your engine run better, improve your fuel economy, and help protect your car’s inner workings? That’s what switching to synthetic oil does for you. You’ve probably only heard that synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil. But […]

Pennzoil is Lying

Just tell the truth Just like Mobil 1 does in their television commercials Pennzoil isn’t exactly giving you all the facts in their latest TV advertisment. This is the commercial where the spokesperson mentions that “making motor oil from crude oil is just, well crude”.  He then goes on to state that Pennzoil is now […]