Choosing The Best Synthetic Motor Oil

Choosing the best synthetic motor oilIf you have spent any amount of time on the internet researching then you know it can be mind numbing. Especially on a topic like, choosing the best synthetic motor oil. Selecting the proper synthetic motor oil grade for your vehicle is easy. Just check your owners manual for the proper viscosity. Now comes the hard part, which brand of synthetic oil should I use?

There are only three types of oil for automotive use and they are:

  1. Petroleum or Conventional oil
  2. Oils labeled synthetic, but are in fact not synthetic
  3. 100% synthetic oil

Since most people are moving away from conventional oil we won’t waste any time on this type of oil. Synthetic oil is becoming the new standard, but unfortunately a lot of brands are not being completely honest when labeling their products. The true definition of “synthetic” is really very simple; it must be man made. So how are big oil companies getting away with calling their products synthetic when all it is, is petroleum oil?

Believe it or not a court back in the mid ’90’s heard a case in which two oil companies debated the definition of synthetic. One company argued that they were able to take regular crude oil (petroleum oil) and take it through a process called hydrocracking and believed their product should be labeled synthetic.

The other oil company argued that the word synthetic is something man made. Taking a natural product pumped from the ground and calling it synthetic is deceptive. The fact that it went through a process (hydrocracking) does not change a natural product to a synthetic one. When choosing the best synthetic motor oil the playing field should be level.

The oil company that developed the process now known as hydrocracking won their argument. Since this decision over 20 years ago there are very few rules when labeling motor oils. The unfortunate downside to this ruling is 99% of the public is unaware they are putting petroleum oil in their engines when they think they paid for synthetic oil.

Amsoil is one of the few 100% synthetic oils on the market today. Watch this short video and you will see our commitment to quality. We hope this article will lead you to take a closer look at what Amsoil has to offer and choosing the best synthetic motor oil is a lot easier. We are 20 year veterans in the Amsoil business and would be happy to be your servicing dealer.  More About Us.