Don’t Pay Retail For Amsoil – Read This First

Don’t Pay Retail For Amsoil – Read This First

Probably the top two questions I get as an Amsoil Dealer are “Why are Amsoil products so hard to find at retail outlets?” and “Why do I have to join to get a discount?” Yes, we are well aware it can be frustrating locating retail stores that sell Amsoil and we can immediately solve this annoying problem for you. Plus, we do not push you into joining as a preferred customer, but you can still take advantage of wholesale prices until you are comfortable with making the decision to join.

Yes, there a few retail outlets that carry Amsoil products if you can find them, but if it was easier and faster to make a wholesale purchase, would you be interested? One simple phone call to 800-797-4550 and we can eliminate the hassle of searching all over town for a few quarts of oil and/or scrambling to find an Amsoil Dealer who isn’t too busy to take your call.

Another great advantage when you contact us is we aren’t going to charge you any shipping fees if you live near one of our 11 distribution centers, including one right here in Columbus, Ohio. As the largest Amsoil Dealer in central Ohio we have the ability to set you up with will-call pickup, thus eliminating all shipping charges. This is a huge benefit and is definitely worth giving us a call to learn more.

Some of you reading this may own a small commercial or retail type business. Even if you just want Amsoil for personal use you have the option of opening up a free commercial or retail account for your business to pay the exact same prices Amsoil Dealers and 10% less than Preferred Customers pay. Take a look at the options below for further details on how to get started.

If you are tired of all the searching and driving around town looking for Amsoil and you need products fast, just give us a call at 614-777-4550 (local) or 800-797-4550 (toll free). We look forward to assisting you so you can quickly get your hands on the Amsoil products you need today.