How Does Amsoil Work

Amsoil, unlike a lot of other direct marketing companies Amsoil is considerably easier to understand. So just how does Amsoil work? There are four different ways to purchase Amsoil at the discounted (about 25% less) wholesale price. You can either become a Preferred Customer, Dealer, Retail-on-the-Shelf or Commercial account. Let’s take a brief look at each one.

  • Preferred Customer: Ever hear of Sam’s Club? More than likely you have. Amsoil is no different, you pay a $20.00 annual fee and you can purchase all the Amsoil products at wholesale that you want. You also gain access to all of Amsoil’s regional warehouses. This benefit alone is worth far more than your $20.00 annual fee as you will never pay any shipping charges. You have 3 ways to register your PC account; contact our office directly at 800-797-4550 and we can assist. Ask about our no-obligation 6-month trial offer. If you prefer to sign up on your own please use this link: Preferred Customer You may also contact Amsoil Inc. directly @ 800-777-7094 and please give them referral number 379395.
  • Become An Amsoil Dealer: If you’re considering starting a nice part-time business then you should seriously consider taking a look at what Amsoil has to offer. A Dealer Kit to start is $49.95 then to maintain your dealership it’s just $40.00/year. There is absolutely no capital investment of any kind and that includes stocking a big inventory. There are a wide range of programs to earn money with Amsoil. Take the time to understand just what it takes to make it work for you. You can register to be an Amsoil Dealer here.
  • Retail-On-The-Shelf or Commercial Account: If you own a business Amsoil will allow you to register your company as long as you meet certain requirements. There are no fees to register and Amsoil has no minimum orders or inventory requirements. For a better explanation to see if you qualify visit this link on my site:  Hopefully you have a better understanding of just how does Amsoil work.

It’s a well known fact that the highest quality products you can purchase today come from highly reputable direct marketing companies such as Amsoil. Personally I have been dealing with several different direct marketing companies as far back as 1980. In fact I still buy products from that company because they save me money and they are a very high quality products just like Amsoil.

Most people have never taken the time to research direct marketing companies because they fear they are getting involved with a business. This a common misconception that occurs with DM companies. People are unsure they want to get involved because they fear someone will coax them into selling the products to their friends, again another misconception. No one ever asked me to “sell” Amsoil, I simply took the time to understand how money was made and started my own dealership. The Amsoil business opportunity was just too good to pass up, but if all you are looking for is getting your high quality Amsoil products at wholesale then join as a preferred customer.

There is a very simple reason why DM companies produce better products than mainstream companies that you typically find on store shelves. An excellent example of this would be comparing Amsoil vs. Mobil 1. It all comes down to one word; Advertising. Simply put; Mobil 1 spends Millions of $$$$ and Amsoil doesn’t. It’s a known fact that in the traditional way to promote products to the masses is through expensive TV commercials. In Mobil 1’s case you are also spending Millions on expensive NASCAR sponsorships like the one that Kevin Harvick enjoys.

Where does all this money come from? Simple, it comes from the millions of Super Bowl viewers who watched Kevin Harvick tell the world it was perfectly safe to change your oil once-a-year. To put it in dollars, .50 cents of every $1.00 that Mobil 1 makes selling their synthetic oil goes right back into advertising. So the big question is if both Amsoil and Mobil 1 sell for $10.00/qt. and Amsoil doesn’t spend millions of dollars on TV commercials what do they spend their profits on?

The answer is simple; they pay very reasonable commissions to their dealers and the rest goes into investing in higher quality raw materials. This why Amsoil is so much better than any other synthetic oil on the market. To make this easier to understand let me put it this way. If Mobil 1 or any other oil manufacturer were to duplicate Amsoil’s formula (which they can) and still advertise their products the exact same way their oil would cost $20.00-$25.00/qt. Almost half my clients are ex-Mobil 1 customers.

Here’s a fun game you can play. Find someone who already uses Amsoil, but previously used Mobil 1 then ask them if they would switch back. Better yet ask a Harley-Davidson owner who uses Amsoil if they would switch back to Harley oil. Once you start talking to other people you soon find out why Amsoil has such loyal following.