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Whether you landed on this page through my website or you clicked on a link from you have come to the right place. Also, if you have a copy of Ohio Manufacturer’s Directory this webpage was specifically set up for you. Amsoil does market to select industries a few highly specialized Industrial-Lubricants that you will not find on our site. Some products do cross-over such as our hydraulic and compressor fluids, however we also produce other lubricants for specific applications.

The best way to get the information you are looking for is to verify the specs from our Technical Data Sheets and then we can quote you a wholesale price for the exact quantity you need. We are available for support if you need assistance at 800-797-4550.

Amsoil makes eight different Industrial-Lubricants with various ISO viscosities within each product. Keep in mind in most applications Amsoil’s Industrial products are rated for 8,000 hours to accommodate assembly line type businesses that operate 24/7/365.

Here is a list of our products with links to our Data Sheets, please contact us if you have any questions.

PC Series Compressor Oils:  

Synthetic Compressor Oil Provides unsurpassed protection and performance in rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and other compressor applications. Compatible with PAO-, ester- and petroleum-based compressor oils. Not compatible with glycol- or silicone-based compressor oils. Technical Data Sheet

SIROCCO SE Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oils: These high quality, long life fluids last several times longer in use than mineral-based oils. AMSOIL SE Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oils/Coolants are fully formulated with non-detergent additives and are designed for use in rotary screw, vane and reciprocating compressors. SE Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oils/Coolants increase operating efficiency, reducing money spent on energy, repair and maintenance costs. Technical Data Sheet

DC Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oils ISO 100 & 150:  AMSOIL DC Synthetic Compressor Oils are long-life, premium compressor lubricants based on novel, proprietary technology. They improve compressor efficiency and extend drain intervals in reciprocating (piston) compressors and vacuum pumps where high discharge temperatures or carbon build-up are a concern. Technical Data Sheet

AW Series Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils:  Synthetic AW Series Antiwear Hydraulic Oils are shear stable, long-life lubricants based on high quality synthetic oil technology. These oils are formulated with a premium additive system that inhibits oxidation (preventing acid and viscosity increase), inhibits rust, and inhibits foam.  Technical Data Sheets

BIODEGRADABLE Hydraulic Oil:  AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil exhibits high biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity, along with superior oxidative stability, low temperature performance and outstanding results in laboratory and extended duration pump testing. It contains anti-oxidants that ensure long oil life and foam inhibitors that promote problem-free operation. It is hydrolytically stable and ideal for use where water contamination is a problem.  Technical Data Sheet.

RC Series-RO/AW Gear ans Bearing Hydraulic Oils:  AMSOIL’s RC series lubricants are made from high quality base stocks and additive systems. This product prevents wear and protects equipment by maintaining its viscosity, resisting thermal and oxidative breakdown, incorporating anti-wear additives, preventing rust, and resisting the degrading effects of water. RC series oils are primarily recommended for gear and bearing applications and circulating systems requiring R&O and/or anti-wear additive technology.– Contact Us for compatibility and pricing. ISO 10, 15,22,32,46,68,100,150,220,320,460,680 Technical Data Sheet

SG Extreme Pressure Gear Oils:  AMSOIL SG Series Extreme Pressure Gear Oils are made from shear-stable, high-quality synthetic base oils and are fortified with additives that deliver high performance in industrial gear applications. These oils are designed to reduce maintenance costs by extending equipment life, extending drain intervals, and protecting against wear, pitting and rust. ISO 100 , 150 , 220 , 320 , 460 , 680  Technical Data Sheet

Synthetic Blend EP Slideway, Chain and Gear Oils:  AMSOIL Semi-Synthetic WL Series is a high-quality, heavy duty lubricant composed of synthetic base oils, large molecule petroleum base oils and additives specifically designed for EP applications found in gear, chain and machine tool applications. This combination of base oils and EP additives provides the excellent lubricity and film strength needed to prevent scoring and wear during equipment operations.  No Technical Data Sheet Available.

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