Make Money Amsoil

Make Money With Amsoil
Make Money With Amsoil

Business opportunities are riddled all over the internet and unfortunately a lot of people pass them up mainly because most of them promise the moon and the stars without any realistic hope of ever getting there. You won’t find any fluff in this article, no promises of unrealistic income figures or some easy 1, 2, 3 step program and poof your mailbox is filled with commission checks. I don’t present the Amsoil business opportunity to just anyone, there has to be a bonafide interest on your part and a willingness to put the effort in to make it work. To make money with Amsoil it all comes down to understanding how money moves through Amsoil and exactly how commissions are made. Amsoil’s Commission Schedule is listed to the left.

There are certain backgrounds and past experiences that I personally think will go a long way in starting an Amsoil business and I have listed them below. As an example, I came from a background of competing in off-road motorcycle competitions namely motocross, hare scrambles and ISDE qualifiers. I also hold a degree in aviation maintenance and worked on airplanes back in the mid 80’s. I mentioned this only because I have been working my Amsoil business since 1996 and with my 18 years of experience I see that most successful Amsoil Dealers have an experienced mechanical background. If you have any experiences in the following areas I would highly suggest you take a look at the Amsoil business.

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, boat, diesel, small engine mechanic
  • Past or present competitor in 1/4-mile racing, motocross, go-karts or any form of racing
  • Motorcyclist, which can include road touring on Harley-Davidsons, Gold Wing, BMW’s or Sport Bikes
  • Perform most of the maintenance on your personal vehicles and have good working knowledge of cars
  • Plant or assembly line maintenance especially any equipment that operates with hydraulic or compressor fluids.

I am confident there are many other areas of expertise that would pique an interest in what Amsoil has to offer, but the bottom line is if you have a good mechanical aptitude you will do very well with Amsoil. A couple more important points to mention as you are considering Amsoil as a possible business venture. Other than a $30.00 annual fee to Amsoil to maintain your dealer status your investment is minimal. You will not be responsible for any inventory eliminating any possibility of a large capital outlay to start your business. Amsoil Inc. takes care of all the shipping, billing and accounts receivables leaving you free to service your accounts. Other than a box of business cards and a small variety of brochures, which include a couple of administrative items (all under $10.00) that’s really about all you need.

Get the notion out of your head that as an Amsoil dealer you will be purchasing products at a reduced “dealer cost” and then trying to sell them at retail for a profit. I consider this pedaling and a complete waste of time. There is more money to be made wholesaling Amsoil then retailing it, the only Amsoil Dealers that will retail the product are those that own and operate a retail business with a store front access. As I mentioned in the first paragraph the keys to make money with Amsoil is to have a complete understanding of exactly how money moves through Amsoil.

How does money move through Amsoil? Amsoil pays commissions based off the volume of products that move through your dealership every month. Where does all this volume come from? Volume or a more accurate term, commission credits, (see graphic above) are accumulated through several sources all of which are credited to your Amsoil Dealership and can be:

  • Preferred Customers
  • Commercial Accounts
  • Retail-on-the-Shelf Accounts

A complete definition and examples of all these accounts will be shown to you during our initial meeting. You do not have to work all of the options listed, but you will see acquiring the different types of accounts isn’t all that difficult and they remain your accounts for life.

If you don’t know or understand residual income now is the time to know exactly why residual income is the best income you can earn. The true definition of residual income is; money you keep earning for work you do once. The best and easiest example I can give you (at least on a large scale) is Jerry Seinfeld, everyone has heard of this show right? Yes, its true he was paid a lot to film each episode, however his real wealth comes from the constant reruns that still play to this day even though the show has been off the air for over a decade. He did the work once, but each time an episode runs on TBS he gets paid again and again.

Amsoil works much the same way as you will continue to get paid on all your accounts the rest of your life. How would you like to be the supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s in just one major city and you earned just .05 cents every time a hamburger touched their grill? You would make a sizable income selling hamburgers. Well Amsoil works the exact same way so each and every time one of your accounts opens a quart of oil or taps into a new 55-gallon drum of hydraulic fluid you make money, its that simple.

After evaluating the Amsoil business I’m certain you will find positive aspects to this business that will work for you. I can’t possibly explain the entire inner workings of commission credits, commission payouts and how all this fits together in one article, but its very easy to understand once you see all the components laid out for you. Even if you found just one way to make money with Amsoil it will be worth your effort to take this one step further. If this explanation of the Amsoil business is of some interest to you please contact me at: 800-797-4550