Mobil 1 Annual Protection Review

You might be asking yourself; why am I seeing a Mobil 1 Annual Protection Review on an Amsoil Dealers website? Actually there are  a few reasons why. In no random order I want to draw your attention to:

  • Why Mobil 1 is finally going public that annual oil changes are perfectly safe
  • A Mobil 1 Annual Protection Review video (link below)
  • Amsoil has been doing 1-year or 25,000-mile oil change since 1972

It’s no secret to Amsoil Dealers that the technology and science to develop synthetic oil that can last one year has been available for nearly 5 decades. You didn’t hear much about Amsoil during those 5 decades either Why?. We don’t let big box retailers sell our product nor does Amsoil pay out huge endorsements to a 3″ Kevin Harvick.

The reason Mobil 1 says its perfectly safe to change your oil annually is because Amsoil has steadily taken market share from them. I know this to be a fact because 50% of my client base used to use Mobil 1. None of my clients ever had issues with Mobil 1. However, once they switched there was an immediate improvement in performance and fuel mileage when using Amsoil.

This video is a little long (8:00), but I hope you watch it: Why is this video of significant importance? First of all it is 100% accurate. Second, this is the EXACT same presentation I have been giving since my first day as an Amsoil Dealer in 1996!! 

Since Mobil 1 came out with their Mobil 1 Annual Review video they have made my job a lot easier. Now that Amsoil Dealers are in complete agreement with Mr. 3″ Kevin Harvick it has taken the pressure off when we introduce people to Amsoil’s annual oil change.

Over time, probably within the next 5 years, annual oil changes will be the norm. After all, in Europe they’ve been on annual oil changes for decades. Ten years from now we will look back on this very article of the Mobil 1 Annual Protection Review video as the turning point to annual oil changes.

Many thanks to Mobil 1 and Kevin Harvick for educating consumers and making my job of selling Amsoil a whole lot easier.