Mobil 1 Annual Protection

Why is an Amsoil Dealer writing an article about Mobil 1 new Annual Protection oil? First and foremost to say thank you for making my job a whole lot easier. How did my job get easier? Well you see when I’m out in the trenches explaining the benefits of Amsoil’s, which is also an annual oil change, I used to get a lot of skeptical looks. Now thanks to the 3″ Kevin Harvick and the millions of dollars Mobil 1 Annual Protection is spending on national TV ads suddenly it’s more believable you can change your oil just once-a-year, thank you Kevin you have made my job more enjoyable.

Obviously millions of people have been changing their oil once-a-year using Amsoil’s Signature Series Motor Oil’s without any issues for decades. What’s confusing is why in 2017 and the introduction of Mr. 3″ Kevin Harvick that all the skeptical people out there that said they would never leave oil in their engine for an entire year now think it’s ok to do so because Kevin says you can. What I find humorous is that as an Amsoil Dealer I know more about synthetic oil than Mr. Harvick.

So what was the tipping point? Was it the flashy Mobil 1 decals on Kevin’s race car? Was it the fact that an overpaid endorser of a product is on television telling you once-a-year oil changes are now perfectly safe? Does a product have to be advertised through million dollar commercials to be viable? Are most consumers too skeptical to buy products from an Independent Amsoil Dealer instead of a national brand at Auto Zone? I’m not sure what it was, but I know Amsoil is clearly the superior product and we aren’t paying any famous race car drivers to convince you.

I realize I have taken some lighthearted jabs at Mr. Harvick, but in all honesty his new commercial only helped every Amsoil Dealer in the U.S. We love the competition, but more importantly now all anyone has to do to determine the best oil is a simple fuel (mpg) comparison test. The key to this test is you most test Mobil 1 Annual Protection first. If Amsoil is tested first (and there will be a significant jump in your mpg) then Mobil 1 Annual Protection will simply piggyback off the residual Amsoil in your engine.

I have done this test myself plus I have converted dozen’s of Mobil 1 users over to Amsoil and the results were always the same, Amsoil won every mpg comparison. Why is this comparison so important? If one product shows better results it can only mean one thing. Higher mpg means less intra-fluid resistance, which means a better lubricant is in your engine. Are you tired of getting your oil changed 2, 3 or even 4 times/year? You might consider Amsoil and start saving some time and money. Give me a call at 800-797-4550 for a wholesale quote.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection or Amsoil?