Why Mobil 1 Users Switch to Amsoil

Since 1996 when I started my Amsoil business I have had numerous experiences getting people to switch to Amsoil. One common denominator over the years is I discovered explaining the benefits of Amsoil to Mobil 1 users was actually quite easy. Why? Well for starters Mobile 1 users were already paying a premium for their oil and to some degree could see a difference in how their car ran.

Mobil 1 users already understood that synthetic oil was far superior to traditional petroleum lubricants and they also didn’t mind paying more for a higher quality product. When I started convincing die hard Mobil 1 users to try Amsoil they never looked back. Even after having what they thought was the best synthetic oil in their engines it was clear Amsoil gave them another boost in performance typically by gaining more mpg.

The rationale is easy to understand, you pay more you get more! Higher quality products don’t come at a cheap price so expect to may more for products that deliver superior results. When you factor in longer drain intervals Amsoil is significantly more cost effective to use than any other lubricants on the market. As the saying goes “it’s not the price that matters it’s the cost of using a product throughout its useful life that does”. Switching to Amsoil is the most cost effective way to maintain your vehicle.

I can accurately state that ex-Mobile 1 users are my best long term customers.