Oil Life Monitors

Oil Life Monitors and Amsoil


The question often comes up about using Amsoil’s recommended drain intervals when the vehicle you are driving comes with an oil life monitor. Before I explain how to take advantage of Amsoil’s longer drain intervals it’s important you have at least a general understanding of how your oil life monitor works.

How A Oil Life Monitor Works

The main thing to understand about these monitors is they are not telling you the actual condition of your oil they are only using educated examples of how long your oil should last between changes based solely on driving habits. The easiest way to explain this is by giving a extreme example on both ends of the scale.

Scenario #1: Grandma

Grandma drives her little Ford less than 8,000 miles/year. Grandma goes to church every Sunday, the store once a week, visits other grandma’s at their homes or hospitals, never drives on the freeway therefore her vehicle never reaches speeds over 45-mph and for the most part her vehicle never stays running for more than 30-45 minutes.

Scenario #2: The Traveling Salesman

A typical week for a traveling salesman is; 700 miles, (0r approx. 30,000-miles/year) which 80% of those miles are spent driving at least 60-mph, his vehicles reaches optimum operating temperatures and remains there for 2+ hours and his vehicle experiences minimal stop and go driving.

Now guess who’s oil change light comes on first? Most people are shocked to find out its Grandma’s that comes on first. You see its been determined through thousands of oil analysis that a vehicle is driven very few miles and for the most part, doesn’t reach operating temperatures, is more taxing on an oil then piling on the miles at freeway speeds. Stop and go driving wrecks havoc on a motor oil mainly because the engine does not have enough time to burn off unwanted moisture and some residual fuel that may have entered the crankcase.

All these oil life monitors do through their complicated onboard computers is keep track of your driving habits and that is all they do. These oil life monitors give no indication of just how good or how bad your oil actually is. It’s not that having one is a bad idea because they do tend to keep people on track with their oil changes, but just know you can do even better using Amsoil.

The biggest issue with oil life monitors is this: You can take two brand new identical vehicles and in one you can put the cheapest most worthless oil in it, then in the other put in a higher quality oil that meets all the requirements of that vehicle then proceed to drive each vehicle the exact same way and both lights will come on at the same time. The problem; the one with the cheap oil is going to wear out much sooner and more than likely cause unnecessary problems down the road.

So what do you gain from an oil life monitor if you are using an inferior oil? Higher maintenance cost, poor fuel mileage and not so good engine protection. Now the question is how does using Amsoil fit into the equation if your car has one of these oil life monitors?

Well the short answer is you ignore the light when it comes on especially if you are using Amsoil’s Signature Series Oil, which are good for 1-year or 25,000-miles. Most vehicles give pretty simple instructions on resetting the oil change oil light and it only takes about 10-15 seconds to do this. Just reset your light and let it run another cycle and in most cases when the light comes on the second time its getting pretty close to changing your oil.

You can rest easy if you are using Amsoil because your oil life monitor was never analyzing your oil anyway just your driving habits. No fears with your car dealer either as they cannot dictate any brands of oil or length of time you can use a particular oil. Amsoil easily meets all manufacturer’s recommendations and will not void any warranties regardless of how long you go between oil changes.

Make the switch to Amsoil now and start gaining the extra benefits of increased horsepower, easier cold weather starts, longer engine life and a nice increase in fuel mileage, which in most cases will cover the cost of your oil. If you are interested in trying Amsoil, but don’t want to sign up as a preferred customer just yet then contact our office and we will arrange a wholesale purchase for you through our dealership with no obligation. Thank you for reading my article.

Steve  Tarini-Amsoil Dealer