Overheating Transmission

Proper fluid for an overheating transmission

Do you know the one phrase nearly all car owners dread hearing more than anything else? It’s undoubtedly “I’m sorry, but your transmission needs to be replaced.” These are words no one wants to hear because people associate the word transmission with lots of $$$. Did you also know that a high percentage of vehicle owners would rather sell their car than deal with a problem transmission as most repairs or replacements run thousands of dollars? There is some good news when talking about a failed transmission and that is it can be prevented simply by using a high quality synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Nearly 90% of transmission failures start with an overheating transmission, which in most cases stems from a low quality ATF.

There are other causes of an overheating transmission, including leaks, low fluid levels, burnt or ineffective fluid, or internal problems such as a solenoid. Excessive towing of heavy loads, abnormal amount of stop and go traffic, and hot climate can also lead to overheating. Like any other component that requires lubrication most failures normally point to just one of two causes and those are; neglect of regular service intervals and using an ineffective or low quality lubrication product. One problem can easily be fixed and that is by installing Amsoil’s synthetic ATF. Just switching over to Amsoil’s ATF will result in an immediate 30-50 degree temperature reduction. See the detailed chart below on how temperature affects your transmission.

It’s a fact that every 20 degree drop in fluid temperature, your transmission’s lifespan can approximately double! Just imagine a decrease from 220 degrees to 195 degrees can allow your transmission to last significantly longer and with regular fluid changes using Amsoil’s ATF its unlikely you will ever have to replace your transmission. And when we say regular fluid changes we mean Amsoil’s recommendation of 3X the recommended service intervals, which in most cases is around 30,000 miles so Amsoil also allows you nearly 100,000 miles of protection or 50,000 miles if you are constantly towing heavy loads.

Overheating Transmission Can Be Solved With A Simple Fluid Change

Overheating transmissions or transmission failures happen and when they do and depending on the size of your equipment replacing or rebuilding one can run $4000.00-$6000.00 at least for most medium passenger cars or pickup trucks. There’s a pretty simple way to keep this from happening.

If your transmission appears to be running a bit on the high side it could be caused by a number of different factors including in no particular order:

  • Transmission beyond its regular oil change interval
  • Constantly pulling heavy loads or loads beyond the transmissions capacity
  •  An internal mechanical malfunction (possibly a clogged port due to varnish formed by ATF that runs too hot)
  •  Front of vehicle’s air flow being obscured by a foreign object
  •  Inferior ATF being used such as low grade petroleum oil

Providing there are no major malfunctions and your transmission is mechanically sound more than likely your overheating transmission can probably be traced to the fluid. Statistics show that 81% of most overheating transmissions are directly related to the ATF running too hot and a whopping 92% of transmissions failure are directly related to heat. The #1 factor that keeps your transmission running efficiently is a high quality synthetic oil.

Amsoil’s full synthetic ATF is capable of lowering your transmissions operating temperature a full 30-50 degrees and in most cases just a 20 degree drop is more than sufficient. Another excellent benefit to using Amsoil’s ATF is a much longer drain interval and depending on your service requirements that could mean a drain interval 2-3 times longer than what is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If you are going to be changing your ATF now is the perfect time to switch to Amsoil’s full synthetic transmission fluid. Your best option is to become an Amsoil Preferred Customer and take advantage of a 25% savings. Before purchasing any products from Amsoil register as a preferred customer and save 25%. See how easy it is to buy Amsoil wholesale in just 2 clicks. If you have any questions call Steve at 800-797-4550. See which Amsoil synthetic ATF is right for your vehicle. Most vehicles will use one of these ATF’s. CVT transmissions will use this ATF.

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