Pennzoil is Lying

Just tell the truth

Just like Mobil 1 does in their television commercials Pennzoil isn’t exactly giving you all the facts in their latest TV advertisment. This is the commercial where the spokesperson mentions that “making motor oil from crude oil is just, well crude”.  He then goes on to state that Pennzoil is now made from natural gas and they are the first to do it. Not true!! As an Amsoil Dealer, I know for a fact Pennzoil is not the first. Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants were the first to do it. In fact the term “First In Synthetics” is on everyone of our bottles plus the fact that phrase is trade marked by Amsoil so Pennzoil shouldn’t have even mentioned that phrase on network television.

Amsoil has been informing consumers since 1972 that synthetic oil is far superior to conventional lubricants. It has taken well over 45 years for the conventional oil (petroleum oil) industry to finally throw in the towel and admit synthetic oil is superior to petroleum lubricants. Now all the major oil companies push their synthetic oils. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that another major corporation is trying to dupe the consumers of this country that they are buying something of value when in fact they’re not.

If you are a true car buff or a major gear head have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen a $5.0 million dollar Amsoil commercial (like Mobil 1 and Pennzoil do) during the Super Bowl? The mathematics to this question is pretty straight forward. Big oil companies have a formula they use to market their products. In fact that formula is used by nearly all major corporations and has been for years.

The Secret To Amsoil’s Success

The formula I eluded to in the previous paragraph isn’t really that big of a secret at all. The big difference between how Amsoil markets their products versus the big oil companies is simple math and nothing more. When big oil corporations produce a product and sell it, .50 cents out of each and every dollar they make goes directly back into advertising. Most corporations in America believe in the theory; advertise to the masses and hope for the best. Who do think is paying for that Mobil 1 or Pennzoil sticker on that NASCAR going around Daytona at 200 mph? The answer is simple; you are.

Amsoil has a relatively small advertising budget so where do you think Amsoil spends their money if they’re not buying $5.0 million dollar Super Bowl commercials? They spend that money on the highest quality base stocks and additive packages available. They then come up with the best formulations for everyone of their products and blend them in their own blending plant in Superior, Wisconsin. Amsoil will not sell their products to big box retailers. Amsoil has a network of Independent Dealers, like myself, that take the time to explain the vast amount of benefits associated with our complete line of high quality synthetic lubricants.

Why you should test Amsoil in your vehicle

Amsoil may not be a household name like the Mobil’s and Pennzoil’s of the world, but rest assured Amsoil can claim a more loyal following than all the major oil companies combined. How do I know this? Simple, I tested and compared Amsoil against no less than 4 major brands. Are you wondering what other brands? I will give you a clue; they are all paying NASCAR drivers $$$millions$$$ of dollars to drive in circles with a flashy paint job advertising their products on their team cars. While I’m on the subject of race car drivers, if you think NASCAR racers are using the same oil you’re buying at Walmart for your car think again. These multi-million dollar race teams are using very sophisticated synthetic lubricants that the average consumer will never see.

As for testing Amsoil all you need to do is a fuel mileage comparison and let the results be your proof. This may seem very trivial, but when you can actually see an improvement of 3, 4 even 5 more miles to the gallon then it starts to add up. When I mention numbers like 5 more mpg I can back it up. When I did my comparison I put Amsoil in the engine, transmission (5-speed) and rear differential. When I did this it took me almost a year because I did each component separately. I picked up 2 more mpg from the engine, 2 more from the transmission and 1 more from the rear differential.

There are numerous other advantages to using Amsoil. For starters your engine will run much smoother and cooler, your transmission will shift like butter and you will only have to change your gear oil one time as it’s a life fill product. In the last 22 years that I have been using Amsoil in two vehicles a conservative estimate when you factor in the cost of oil changes (1x/year with Amsoil vs. 3 with competitive brands) and the absolute ridiculous amount I was saving at the gas pumps, I would put that number around $10,000.  Yes, it was 22 years, but I would rather have 10K in my bank account than just throw it away at the gas pump.

When I work my Amsoil business and approach people for the first time all I’m interested in is a small test. If they do a simple test then its usually game over. I’ve never lost a comparison test in 22 years and I have completely lost count on how many I’ve done. Some of those test I even did an oil analysis and let the numbers do the talking. That’s all I can do is encourage you to test Amsoil and see the same results I’ve seen the past two decades.