The Advantages Of Synthetic Oil

Oil, whether synthetic or conventional, is used to lubricate moving parts in engines and machinery. Anyone who has skipped one too many regular oil changes knows the result––without adequate lubrication, parts rub together, causing damage and overheating from friction. The type of oil you use matters. When you want to use the very best, opt for Amsoil synthetic oil.

Mechanic Doing Synthetic Oil Change On Car On Lift In Garage

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Before we talk about Amsoil specifically, let’s talk about synthetic oil in general. What is synthetic oil and how does it differ from conventional oil?

Conventional lubricants are refined crude oil. Synthetic oils start with refined crude oil, but they go on to be distilled into its component molecules. This allows manufacturers of synthetic oils to filter out impurities that impact engine performance like sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and metals.

What are Synthetic Oil Advantages?

Because contaminants are removed from synthetic oil, it is superior to its conventional counterparts. Synthetic oils are pure lubricants, without the impurities and filler. There are a lot of naysayers out there, but synthetic oil is backed by scientific research. The advantages of Amsoil synthetic oil include:

Amsoil Lasts Longer

While synthetic oil might cost a little more upfront, you save money by not having to change your oil as often and by the improved fuel economy (more on that below).

Amsoil Protects Your Engine

 It’s more durable than the alternatives to help reduce wear and maximize engine life.

It Works In All Temperatures

Amsoil doesn’t degrade in high heat; you’ll never have to worry about oxidation, oil sludge, or thermal breakdown. It also won’t thicken too much to function properly in extreme cold.

Fuel Economy Is Better With Amsoil

Impurities in conventional lubricants cause your engine to work harder. Amsoil keeps your engine running smoothly with its uniform synthetic base.

Synthetic Oil Is Better For The Environment

And not just because it improves fuel economy and lasts longer––Amsoil reduces emissions too.

What Makes Amsoil the Best Synthetic Oil?

Unfortunately, many lubricants marketed as synthetic oils are actually blends of synthetic and conventional oils. Even with a base of less than 50% synthetic oil, a product can be labeled as synthetic. For this reason, it is crucial that you do your homework before choosing a brand of synthetic oil.

Amsoil is a trusted synthetic lubricant because it is the first API-rated synthetic motor oil. It pioneered the industry and continues to lead the field. When you make the choice to purchase Amsoil, you know exactly what you’re getting. The proof is in the performance.

Of course, performance isn’t the only reason why Amsoil is better. Here are 4 more reasons we’re proud to be Amsoil distributors:

  • Amsoil was the first synthetic motor oil to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements.
  • Amsoil is one of the few family-owned oil companies, which means it can focus on product performance with no compromises to please stockholders.
  • On-site test facilities and long-range studies ensure that Amsoil products are on the cutting-edge of the industry.
  • Amsoil is formulated, blended, and packaged in the USA.

Is it any wonder why Amsoil’s tagline is The First in Synthetics?

Learn More About Synthetic Oil and Amsoil

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