The Top 3 Benefits Of Amsoil

Benefits Of Amsoil’s Synthetic Motor Oil

After using Amsoil now since 1996 I have discovered three key benefits that I believe no other synthetic oil on the market can match.  In no particular order here are what I think are the three most critical areas that should be put to the test especially if you are evaluating which oil to put in your vehicle.

Cost: Take note that I didn’t say price. When evaluating any product the price of a product is completely 100% irrelevant. All that matters is the true cost of using a product over a given period of time. Without going into a long complicated math problem lets just keep this simple. Amsoil’s Signature Series 0W-20 or 0W-30 at $7.74/qt. when buying by the case is their most expensive synthetic motor oil for passenger car and light trucks. An average filter will cost about $14.00, add this to the cost of 6-quarts of oil and you are a little over $60.00 w/o tax. To be conservative lets round up to $65.00 for a one year oil change.

For this example we will assume the average person drives 15,000-miles/year.  I contacted the biggest quick lube installer in Columbus, Ohio and their prices are as follows:

$39.99 for petroleum oil with a recommended change interval of 3,000-miles.  $39.99 x 5 oil changes = $199.95

$67.99 for their top of the line synthetic oil with a recommended change interval of 5,000-6,000-miles.  $67.99 x 3 oil changes = $203.97 As you can see its not even close.

The cost of a one year Amsoil oil change is estimated at $65.00 for the oil only. Just switching to Amsoil puts over $100.00 extra bucks in your pocket and this is for just one car. Most independent garages and even car dealerships will install customer provided oil and install for a nominal fee and I have never seen this fee above $15.00 and in most cases it’s just $10.00. I don’t see any debating the true cost of using Amsoil.

Fuel Mileage: With nearly 20 years of monitoring fuel mileages I will give you my very conservative estimates to switching over to Amsoil’s top 4 products and keep in mind most of my experiences are significantly higher:

Switching to Amsoil’s Signature Series Synthetic Oil you can expect to see a 1.5 to 3.0 mpg increase

Switching to Amsoil’s full Synthetic Transmission Oil you can expect to see a 1.5 to 3.0 mpg increase

Switching to Amsoil’s full Synthetic Gear Oil you can expect to see a .5 to 1.0 mpg increase

Adding one bottle of Amsoil’s Performance Improver Gas Additive once every 4,000-miles you can expect to see a 1.0 to 1.5 mpg increase On the low side you can easily achieve a 4.0 to 4.5 mpg increase in your fuel mileage. An average automobile has a 15-gallon tank and at a conservative $3.50/gallon for gas that’s 60 more miles out every tank of fuel, you do the math.

Engine Cleanliness: This is one benefit 95% of you will never actually see. I had the opportunity to look at the entire top end of my 1989 Toyota pick-up when I decided to replace the timing chain at 175,000 miles. I installed Amsoil in this vehicle when it had 35,000-miles on it so we are looking at 140,000-miles with Amsoil in the engine and approximately 8 oil changes over a 7-year period.

I took my truck to my local Toyota Dealership and after the mechanic removed the top end to expose the timing chain and water pump he asked me why I was so intent on replacing the timing chain because from what he could see it didn’t need replacing and the heads showed no carbon build up. He said I must be using a very good oil and I never missed my 3,000-mile oil change so when I broke the news to him I had only changed my oil 8 times in 7 years using Amsoil he immediately called every mechanic at the dealership to take a look at my engine.

Needless to say this was all the proof I ever needed to use nothing but Amsoil in every vehicle I ever own and it should be for you too. I call this the hidden benefit to using Amsoil, just know its there and your engines will not suffer the more common problems associated with using cheap petroleum oils. Take advantage of what Amsoil offers and put that extra money in your pocket.