Valvoline High Mileage Oil

What Really Is The Best High Mileage Oil?

Marketing Hype vs Facts

Valvoline hit the jackpot when they introduced their new High Mileage Oil designed for vehicles with over 75,000-miles. What could be called one of the better marketing ploys in the lubrication industry has really done nothing more than add hype to the already information overloaded public.

Now I don’t expect the average consumer to understand basic lubrication principles as I do since I own a synthetic oil business, but lets take a quick look at high mileage oils and the claims they make for this super oil. MaxLife claims to combat problems such as increased oil consumption, reduced fuel economy, decreased performance and more rapid oil breakdown. The first question to answer is; what caused all these problems in the first place? Was it their lower tier oil?  

These problems can be avoided by running a high quality synthetic motor oil such as Amsoil from the beginning. Who really wants to experience reduced fuel economy and increased oil consumption? If Valvoline instructs their employees to push the benefits of these fabulous high mileage oils then what are they telling their customers about their lowest quality oils? Why doesn’t Valvoline just sell the best oil they can make and then all the problems they mention about higher mileage vehicles will never happen?

Yes, there is such a thing as an additive package that will keep seals in better condition and your engine cleaner with reduced deposits, but why wait until you have 75,000-miles on your vehicle to take advantage of these benefits? Give Valvoline credit they sell a lot of MaxLife oil, but in reality its their own lower quality oils that cause all the problems they now claim to fix with MaxLife and that my friends is the definition of marketing hype.

You are going to spend slightly less for MaxLife then you would for Amsoil’s Signature Series, however Amsoil also offers their XL line of oils that are good for 6-months or 10,000-miles at about the same price as MaxLife. Valvoline will tell you to come back in 5,000-miles therefore doubling the cost of what Amsoil will cost you.

Conclusion: Just use common sense and ask the right questions when someone tries to push a product on you they claim is the best oil for your car.